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Through the medium of banter, hosts Laura Piccardi and Lindsay Drummond draw on their expertise as coaches, improvisers and small business owners to unpack the lives of solopreneurs and all the unique challenges we face.

Expect unconventional conversations, stories that will make you go, “Oh my God, are they talking about me?!” and a cast of hilarious experts who will offer up lifestyle and business advice in their own unique way.

The Banterpreneurs Podcast exists to lighten up the lives of solopreneurs. You’re not alone and you’re definitely not crazy, so come join us for a giggle and grab yourself some pearls of wisdom that might just make you happier, healthier and more productive.

Game on!

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What People Are Saying

How the Banterprenuers was born

The Banterpreneurs owe everything to the wonder that is The Internet. Without it, Lindsay and Laura would never have crossed paths – in fact, to date their relationship has only existed online.

After meeting at one of Lindsay’s online improv classes, they discovered a mutual passion for helping people through entertainment. So naturally they began to play, and thus the Banterpreneurs was born.

Our Experts

Meet Your Hosts

I’m a Professional Speaker, Performance Coach, Stress Management Expert, NLP Practitioner, Comedian, Scuba Diver and Fur Mum to Tony. Oh, and author of the best selling book, Unfaked.

I’ve been part of the small business world my entire life, having grown up in my family’s department store and established 4 of my own businesses. Needless to say, I’ve experienced a lot of shit – some good, and some not (like when I watched the gym I built burn to the ground).

So now I’m sharing all that by bringing together my two biggest passions – helping people and buggering about! Banterpreneurs is of course the perfect medium for that, as is my company Uppy.



I’m an Improvisation Teacher, Creativity Coach, Self-Expression Specialist, NLP Master Practitioner, Professional Musician and Comedian. Not to mention a lover of tea, gardening and going 25kms an hour on my Escooter!

I have a Bachelor of Social Science (Behavioural Studies), Grad cert in Creative and Professional Practice and I’m currently doing another Grad Cert in Digital Learning, while running my business Improvhub – one of the world’s first online improv schools.

I’m bringing together my knowledge of small business, creativity, communication, human behaviour and entertainment to shine a whole new light on the world of the solopreneur. Talking business has never been so fun.