The Story Behind The Banterpreneurs

The Banterpreneurs Podcast only exists because of the Internet – we met at one of Lindsay’s online improv classes and to date have still never seen each other IRL (In Real Life)!

It quickly became apparent that we both have a mutual passion for helping people through entertainment, so we decided to have a play and explore how we roll together in this space – and quite honestly, the magic happened pretty much immediately.

The fact that we both have backgrounds in small business, coaching, human behaviour and entertainment means we’re totally on the same page, and able to deliver a beautiful blend of intelligent conversation with nonsense! Or as we like to say – bounce around the absurd and profound!

We know better than anyone how challenging the life of a small business owner can be, so we wanted to bring our magic to the world of the solopreneur and shine a different light on the ups and downs we face.

Expect unconventional conversations, stories that will make you go, “Oh my God, are they talking about me?!” and a cast of hilarious experts who will offer up lifestyle and business advice in their own unique way.

The Banterpreneurs Podcast exists to lighten up the lives of solopreneurs. You’re not alone and you’re definitely not crazy, so come join us for a giggle and grab yourself some pearls of wisdom that might just make you happier, healthier and more productive.


Meet The Experts

Davina Attenborough Human Behaviour Specialist

Davina Attenborough

Expert in human behaviour, specialising in primal instincts.

Aunty Pearl Wisdom

Aunty Pearl

Expert in pearls of wisdom from her many years on the planet.

Mrs Tagliatelle Expert in Action

Mrs Tagliatelle

No nonsense expert in taking action and getting shit done.

Shazza Expert In Spirituality


Psychic expert in spirituality and the universe.

Steve Mickinidis Expert Human Behaviour

Steve Mickinidis

Expert in human behaviour, specialising in metacognition.

Little Ricky Inner Child

Little Ricky

Giving us fresh and fun perspectives from the playground.

The Rich Bitches

Unique advice from the women who have it all.

Infomercial Girls

Always at the ready with a special product to help navigate our woes.

Meet Your Hosts

My first business was a crash course in how not to do business! I invested more than I had into converting an old video store (remember those?!) into a fully equipped personal training studio, and thought this was the start of my empire.

At that time I had the mindset that in order to be successful you just have to work as much as possible. So I would sleep 4hrs a night (in a swag on my office floor so I didn’t have to waste 40 minutes of my day travelling to and from home) and lived on coffee to get through the day.

Eventually of course this took a toll on my body – I had fatigue, erratic moods, permanent brain fog, extreme bloating, unexplained weight gain and hadn’t had a period in 2 years! But at that time I was too busy to do anything about it.

Luckily the universe gave me a kick up the arse, and burned my entire business down – I literally stood and watched the building crumble to the ground – which led to me having a full burnout.

It wasn’t until I discovered NLP and the mind-body connection that I finally managed to restore my health and change my thought and behaviour patterns, so I could be more confident and stop putting pressure on myself to be something I wasn’t.

This is when I went into coaching, wrote my book and began speaking. I don’t want anyone to struggle the way I did – burnout sucks, as does trying to run a business when you keep getting in your own way.

And now I’m at the point where I have the confidence to let all of me come out to play – which means a beautiful blend of getting shit done while having fun – both through Banterpreneurs and my company Uppy.


Lindsay Drummond
Lindsay Drummond Sydney Opera House

I’ve been a solo business owner for over 20 years with most of that time being in the Music and Entertainment Industry. One of the hardest industries to make a full-time living in! But I did! One thing I learned was how to be very flexible and ready to take on many different roles, whether it be singer, conga player, pianist, host, MC, comedian, or actor!

I had some amazing moments in my entertainment career, such as, being the support act for Wil Anderson and Arj Barker at the comedy store in Sydney, singing Billie Holiday at the Sydney Opera House, playing my original music as Jose Feliciano’s support act at the State Theatre, Sydney and releasing 3 Albums and one multimedia memoir.

I realised that being an entertainer on its own didn’t give me the satisfaction and autonomy that I craved. Gigs were always on the terms of the venue, company, or other people hiring me and I spent much time feeling like I couldn’t authentically be me or really say what I wanted to say.

Close to my 38th birthday I realised I needed more. I enrolled in a Bachelor of Social Science (Behavioural Studies), became a Master Practitioner of NLP, and started coaching. I also started a songwriting business from home called ‘HeartSong’ and felt the satisfaction of knowing I was making a real difference in people’s lives and relationships.

However, 2017 was the beginning of a run of bad luck that would last about 2 years! I questioned everything. I went through the proverbial ‘dark night of the soul’ and thought I would never see the light again. Luckily, by chance, I found Improv (improvisational theatre) and consequently found myself. I now run my own improv online business Improv Hub – the only online improv business in Australia. I get to be completely authentic in my business and it just keeps growing! It’s an honour to give people the gift of finding their own authentic self-expression through my business and now also through Banterpreneurs!