Creating A State For High Performance

High performance: The art of taking control and getting shit done

In this episode we discuss how getting in the right state can impact your productivity, creativity, assertiveness, confidence, and all the other things you believe you need to be in order to get shit done.

Spoiler alert! Here’s what you can expect:

  • We discuss the importance of giving yourself time to get into the right state before doing something so you can play at 100%
  • Our experts, Steve Mickinidis and Davina Attenborough, discuss what happens in our bodies and brains when we’re not in the right state
  • We draw on our experience from the stage to give you some juicy little tips on how to prepare yourself to perform like a superstar

Can anyone be a high performer at any time if they’ve properly prepped? Join us in this episode of Banterpreneurs to find out!

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