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Have you ever uttered the words - “I’m no good at marketing” or “I’m just not a natural salesperson”?


The fact is, as small business owners we have to learn how to suck that shit up and put ourselves out there – otherwise, we don’t got no business!

So in this episode we’re redefining how we approach sales and marketing with smarketing expert Abbie White!

Spoiler alert! Here’s what you can expect:

  • We draw inspiration from 1950’s courtship to discover how sales and marketing can form an everlasting love
  • Abbie distils her wealth of knowledge around sales and marketing into simple ‘practivities’ every business owner can do to get better results
  • We reveal how every business can benefit from some…STOP – Abbie Time…da na na na, na na na 💃

Abbie is the CEO of Sales Redefined, marriage counsellor for sales and marketing and a self-confessed coffee addict, who is attempting the ultimate balancing act of business + parenting! She can be found at or

There’s SO much gold in this episode, we know you’ll get a whole lot out of it – we certainly did…as a result Lindsay no longer assumes the foetal position every time she hears the word “marketing” – that’s life changing!

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