Running A Business When You’re Hormonal

Running a business when you're hormonal is bloody tricky business!

This episode explores the neverending rollercoaster of the female solopreneur…being pre-menstral, mid-menstral and post-menstral. Can our cycles support our business and vice versa?

Spoiler alert! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Lindsay reveals her own hormonal challenges, and that her husband also has periods!
  • Our resident experts ‘The Rich Bitches’ teach us how knowing thyself, boundaries and self care can help when we’re hormonal
  • We discover a way to easily communicate with the people around us when dealing with hormone fluctuations, so we can all survive the ride!

Join us as we find solutions to dealing with the female hindrance as old as time! Let’s ‘go with the flow’ and kick business butt!

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