Unsubscribed Feelings

Nothing cuts deeper than someone unfollowing you on social media...are we right?

In this episode we unpack the feelings that arise when someone unsubscribes, and explore how to not disappear down a pit of despair.

Spoiler alert! Here’s what to expect:

  • Lindsay almost has a mental breakdown when someone unsubscribes from her YouTube channel
  • We discuss possible reasons for unsubscribes and how we can learn from them to get better at attracting our audience
  • Thanks to our expert, Little Ricky, we learn how to let go of the stories that drive our insecurities and fears of rejection, so we can detach our emotions and focus on nurturing the right people in the right way

So we invite you to put your big girl pants on with us and say “fuck it” to unfollows…are you in?!

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