Are You Addicted To “Ta Da” Moments?

As business owners, coaches and indeed humans, we tend to want (and expect) “Ta Da” moments every day...

…Usually in the form of impressive actions and quick results.

Consequently we often have unrealistic expectations, we over promise and under deliver, and we put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

That doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? In fact, as Laura says in the episode, it’s a bit like a floppy cock – which we can all agree is never fun 🍆😬

Spoiler alert! Here’s what else you can expect:

  • We discover how coaches and business owners are making their jobs harder than they need to be
  • We explore the cycle of change and transformation and how we’re addicted to “Ta Da” moments
  • And we ask you not to be a shit human, and challenge you to find the magic in the mundane

The ironic thing is, there are actually ta da moments happening around you all the time – and when you tune into them and appreciate their value, it’s like viagra for the soul! Listen in to find out more!

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Byeeeeeeee x

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Ta Da Moments in Business

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