How Do You Role?

How many roles do you play in your life?

…Business person, partner, parent, sibling, child, friend, teacher, mentor…all round legend (or is that just us?!)

The real question however, is do you maintain your authenticity throughout all these roles…or do you show up “in character” and change yourself according to who you think you “should” be in order to please the crowd? That gets bloody exhausting, doesn’t it?

Well we’re calling BS on operating that way! Join us in this episode to find out why, and how you can too!

Spoiler alert! Here’s what you can expect:

  • We unpack how to bring truth and authenticity to the roles we have to play in life, so we can be more congruent and get on with the shit that really matters 
  • Lindsay channels an old grumpy man to reveal how playing a role in life is like playing a role in improv
  • Laura likens our many roles in life to Dr Who 

So if you’re keen to “drop the act” and embrace the ultimate role – you – come join us on the Banterpreneurs stage, where you’re guaranteed a standing ovation every day 👏🏼

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